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Do you accept payment plans?

- Yes. I accept 30% upfront then $100 a week until it is paid off.

How long does a suit take?

- It depends on what you order and where you are in the que. A set of paws can take 3-4 weeks, while a fullsuit can take up to 9 months.

How can I get a quote?

- You can message me on any of my social media platforms or email me. Quotes are free.

How often do you post updates?

- Once your suit is started, I will post updates biweekly. You can request weekly updates, but no more than once a week.

What are your payment methods? How do I pay you?

- I accept PayPal ONLY. Checks and cash are NOT an option. I will also not begin your work without the down payment.


How do you make your heads? What materials do you use/work with?

I use hand-shaped foam for my headbases. Every one is unique. Each base is custom to the character, unless a specific base is requested (EX: Fuzzbutt/DVC base).


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