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Terms of service


     You MUST be 18+ to commission me. Minors MUST have adult permission and I will not take payment from you if you are a minor. Parents must be the ones making the payments.

     I use PayPal, since it is fast and secure. Cash and/or check, money order, etc will NOT be accepted.

     I require a 30% NONREFUNDABLE down payment. This pays for the initial materials required as well as saves your spot in line. The product must be paid 30 days after completion, including postage/shipping (details below).

     Payment arrangements can be made, however a minimum of $100 must be made every week. If a different payment arrangement is more preferred, we can discuss after the initial down payment.

     Any order under $350 must be paid IN FULL and will not be subject to payment arrangements.

     Quotes are FREE, but are a rough estimate as to what the final price for your suit will be. Details, additions, alterations, etc can increase the final price.


     Postage is not included in the price or quote of the suit. The buyer will be required to pay postage prior to shipment. Postage is calculated based on weight and distance, thus can range from $10 - $200 depending on these.

Creation of Character:

     Once the down payment is received, you will have a place in the queue. I will give you updates if your queue position changes as well as work in progress updates once a week only AFTER work has started on your character.

     Once the down payment is made, you will also be given access to your own Trello board. This will be updated with pictures, lists, and details of your suit as progress is made. This will also be updated as queue places are moved and/or completed.

     Pictures, videos, and a final photoshoot will be sent to you during and prior to completion. Email, Instagram, and Twitter are my main sources of communication, and are open at all times. 

     Any issues, changes, or alterations of your character during the creation process must be sent IMMEDIATELY. If you wish to change the shape, expression, etc of the character after a certain point, I can refuse the change or cancel the commission entirely if necessary. 

     I can refuse ANY character for ANY REASON. Quotes DO NOT entitle you to a spot in line.

     Please keep contact open!! I will attempt to reconnect if contact is lost. However, if contact cannot be reestablished within 15 days, I will place your commission on hold until contact resumes.

Safety and Security

     If I feel unsafe, threatened, etc, I have FULL right to cancel, refuse, or refund (depending on circumstances) your order. This can be for ANY REASON.

     Please do NOT send links, unrelated photos, or off-topic conversations to socials or email.

     If you feel your commission is not being worked on quick enough, please be patient. This is NOT my fulltime job. I work on commissions as quickly as possible within time constraints and estimates. It may or may not run over or under said estimates, but rest assured, I am working on it.

    I also run this business ALONE. I am one person creating in a limited space and can only do so much at one time. My mental health is more important that this hobby, so I may take breaks. I will notify all customers of said breaks and adjust time estimates accordingly.



    I offer a 90 day repair period that begins after the item is received by you.

    Any damage received from NORMAL wear such as; popped seams, paint fade, bad fit, bald spots, etc can be accepted.

    Any cracks, chips, breaks, loss of piece(s), dirt, DIY fixes, etc will NOT be subject to this warranty and will thus break said warranty.

    If you wish to get a refund of the product being made, the down payment is again NONREFUNDABLE. I will decide what your refund will be as it depends on the stage I am at.

    I will NOT send the unfinished piece to you, and will either redesign and sell it, or destroy it.

    If a refund is needed, you MUST send the original item back to me and MUST pay for return postage.

Liability Disclaimer:

    I will NOT install electronics such as speakers, LEDs, or fans unless agreed upon. Repair and upkeep on such is up to the buyer after shipment.

Allergies Disclaimer:

    I do own pets. I clean often, but it is inevitable that dander, fur, etc may make it on or into your suit. It is always wise to clean your fursuit upon arrival and before it is worn. If you have any allergies to pets or pet dander, please let me know so I can clean your suit accordingly before and during work and shipping.

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